No Random Coincidences

I am not the type of person who believes in random coincidences. I suppose it came about from day one. My mom was 45 years old when she became pregnant with me and my dad was 50. From the stories told, Mom had been in what she thought was menopause for about a year and a half. Then – she began having morning sickness, gaining weight, feeling tired – the usual pregnancy symptoms. Only problem – she thought she couldn’t get pregnant any longer. She went to the family doctor who informed her she had a tumor in her stomach requiring immediate surgery before it became any bigger. My dad vetoed that and insisted on a second opinion. Mom ended up with 5 second opinions – all with same suggestion – surgery to remove the “problem”. Two doctors at least acknowledged she was indeed pregnant – but one said I was dead and the other said I wouldn’t live past a year nor would I be normal if I did. Well – I’ve lived a good 48 years and I would not call myself normal.  My grandmother always told me “You’ve been born for such a time as this.”

I am a woman of solid, enduring, faith – but I am not always comfortable sharing one-on-one or door-to-door. I am more at home in the sea of words on a page and I believe God still blesses and honors that because I am using the gifts He has given me to share simple truths. I believe everything has a purpose –what that purpose is – who knows sometimes. But I intend to write about some of those experiences in hopes of building the faith of believers and drawing those on the edge into the faith. I do not have all the answers – but I trust the one who does.


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