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A Momma on the Frontlines

A Momma on the Frontlines

By Suzy Winter

Even after re-reading The Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling for the 7th time, I still cheer and do a fist pump at one particular wand duel in the book.  No – it’s not the one you might expect between the hero and the villain – but between a mad momma and a “mad” witch.  Not wanting to spoil the story for anyone – but at one point some young wizards and witches are trying to defeat this Dark, female witch when a feisty momma comes roaring in saying   ‘Get back, get back –she’s mine!  You –will—never—touch—my—children—again!” I absolutely love that part of the book and the movie version was cool – but I like the book better.


I love this scene because I can relate to it.  No – I don’t have a wand, nor do I battle against Death Eaters and such, but we as Christian all battle against those of the entities of the Dark.    For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.  Ephesians 6:12    We do not wield a wand; our weapon of choice – a two-edged sword – the word of God.   We also have words that pack more power than any curse or spells shouted in the books could (of course they are fantasy fiction)– ours are called the word of our testimony and prayer and nothing fantasy about that – but it can be fantastic.  Those weapons, as well as our infinite love for our children, can offer a shield and protect our children from unseen enemies.  We need to daily pray, without ceasing, for our children as they enter into this world of spiritual chaos.


I am not saying that every single thing is caused by the demonic realm, nor am I saying that a demon lurks behind every corner, but I will say that bad things do happen because we live in a sin-filled, fallen world.  Things happen beyond our control – The Why is sometimes something we will not hear the answer to this side of heaven.  Believe me though – I have a list ready and waiting when I see Him face to face.    For example, 6 years ago, my oldest daughter began experiencing panic attacks that the counselor called Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome as a delayed reaction to the deaths of her aunt, uncle and cousin in a car accident in 1999.  Seeing these unseen terrors well up in her beautiful eyes angered me.  We ended up withdrawing her from school and began homeschooling her for the remaining year because she could not stand on her own in this battle.  Many, many times in the midst of her panic attacks, I’d shout out to those tormentors – “You can’t have her!!  Leave my baby alone!” Between a godly counselor, prayer, time and love – she came back to being a stronger version of herself.


Whoever said being a mom was easy must not be in touch with reality.  Every time your child becomes wounded in some manner – a piece of your heart is also wounded.  It becomes personal.  Reality is I cannot, even though I’m sorely tempted, go and have “a word” with individuals, who either physically or emotionally hurt my children, but nothing is going to stop me from praying for all involved and nothing is going to stop me from standing by my children. And just like the mad momma in the novel – we need to be ready to go to battle on behalf of our children against those who wish harm upon our children.  It doesn’t matter to me what side of the Potter books you stand on – having a character devoted to her children, ready to fight for them, is alright with me.


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