Time.  Too much time. Not enough time.  Make time.  Keep time.  Waste time. Killing time.   I’ve been spending time thinking about how powerful that single word is.  How we often get caught up in so much stuff that we don’t make good use of –time.  A friend of mine lost his wife, very unexpectedly.  I’m sure they thought they had time to spare.  Events like that tend to make me re-evaluate how I spend my time.  

The bottom line is choice.    All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”  ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring  This quote keeps coming to my mind and I’ve used it to justify my actions.  I absolutely  love spending time with my children and this was probably last time we will have extended vacation (Christmas break) together since my son is close to finishing college with plans of living far from home.  So when presented with opportunity to play games, grade papers, or do dishes on his last night home – you bet I jumped at chance to play.  How often do we not take advantage of those opportunities because we feel we don’t have time?    Trust me – it is time well spent because making precious memories is priceless.  
I’ve always been a  people person.  Yet – there are times I need to spend in solitude, peace and quiet to collect my thoughts.  I need those moments to allow my mind and body to re-boot so to speak.  Guess one would call that Me-Time.  There is nothing wrong in that, even Jesus had that.

But is it really our time?   Not really. Sometime my “me time” involves retail therapy.  I just like to look around – sometimes buy something on sale.  We make our plans and such, but the one who is not bound by time or space is ultimately in charge of our time. I don’t know how many times I’ve had moments of running into someone while out and about town.  I sometimes call it a “divine appointment”.  I always walk away from the encounter amazed.  

So on that note, remember time is short, time is precious, time is a gift.  Don’t waste it.


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