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Happy Mother’s Day to Me

Happy Mother’s Day to Me.

Posted by Suzy Winter

I gotta say it – I have two of the most beautiful daughters in the universe.  Yet- their beauty really does spring forth from their heart.  I’d like to take credit for their upbringing, but I know their relationship with Jesus is their true beauty secret.  I also have to say – I love being their mother and that is a miracle.  I was so sure we would have a relationship fraught with bitter fights, harsh words, rejection, and emotional pain.  I am so thankful to be wrong.  My relationship with my mom often times contained those negative elements.   Granted, my fight for independence didn’t help matters.  I once ran away for a week to my best friend’s home because my mom and I couldn’t stay in  room more than 5 minutes without fighting. Of course, being a Freshman in college living at home was a monumental mistake.  However, the end resulted in my Dad giving me an ultimatum – move into an apartment or move into the dorm – he’d pay for whatever choice.   I moved into the dorm.  I only wish this could have been a longer situation; because  Christmas Break we discovered my dad had early stages of Alzheimer’s.  I moved back home, changed my degree to an Associates. That is ancient history and it did taint my attitude towards having daughters.  Yet,  I am thankful for a beautifully restored relationship mom and I enjoyed her last year on Earth.  It helped heal my warped idea of a normal relationship between mother and daughter.  Now don’t get me wrong, my mom and I had some amazing times as well all centered around shopping, Dilly Bars, and soda.   She would also regale me with stories of her life and ancestors long ago.  Those were the best of times.

Like I said,  my daughters are amazing and I carry on that tradition of shopping, and instead of Dilly Bars we get– coffee, much to the chagrin of their dad.  I love the times talking, or what is most often the case, listening with my girls.  They have both become solid in their faith, convictions, and opinions.  I’ll never forget the day one daughter came in and proclaimed. “Thank you for never letting me dress like a whore!”  Guess after a daily diet of seeing crack on the campus (top and bottom) – she’d had enough.  You’re welcome by the way.  This Fall, I will be short a daughter as she leaves for A&M country. I willl miss her, but not to the extreme of that cell phone commercial –I don’t think—at least on her end she won’t be the blubbering mess.  My kids are convinced that I will be though.  Maybe.  The one thing that makes it easier is big brother is already there.  Poor baby sister will be “stuck” here with her dad and I.  I’m sure after enduring this torture, she’ll be more than ready to go away –far, far away to college.  Anyway – God has begun an amazing work in both of my daughter’s, as well as my son. I do miss them when they are gone, but there is a hope and peace beyond my comprehension of the amazing future potential all could have as long as they stay the course.  My primary objective as their mother has been more than mending boo-boo’s, potty training, mediator, cook, chauffeur, or fashion consultant – it’s been their prayer warrior.  No matter how old I get or they get –I will always pray for them.    Today on this my  21st Mother’s Day – thank you to Daniel, Beth and Christy – for whom being a Mom has been my greatest adventure.


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