Road Trip!

A few weeks ago my husband and my two daughters took a road trip down to Austin Texas to see my son Daniel. He was there with his ultimate freesbie team for regionals. Anyway -I love long road trips because it provides much needed time to talk. Not that my family doesn’t talk – but with two teenagers with active lives and their dad and with our careers; time is prescious.

What I love the most about road trips are the games and stories. My kids love hearing stories from our childhood and theirs. This time part of our conversation centered around end times and spiritual warfare. These trips never have a dull moment. Since we traveled down in wee hours, we saw deer, snakes, turtles, goats, and elves. The last was from my husband who must have been sleepy at that moment. The end result of these trips is the memories formed.

It got me to thinking if Jesus and his disciples experienced this kind of fun on their “road trips “? Did they crack jokes and tell funny stories too? You know they talked Bible! Duh . I have to believe their trips also formed indelible bonds.

Road trips -no matter the cost of the journey, the memories are priceless.


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