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A Boring Testimony?

Testimony – a public profession of a religious experience or firsthand authentication of fact.  Either way – it’s a person’s life story right?  I remember going to church camps in summer and there would always be a fellow camper give their heart wrenching testimony that would make mine feel inadequate in comparison.  That same trend is prevalent among youth groups today – the more dramatic – the better the testimony.  But – what about the kids out there who never fall into that temptation of substance abuse, per-marital sex, or some of the other juicier stories.  What about the ones who stay the course and have the courage to say no to those things?  Isn’t that just as powerful a testimony?  I’m not saying perfect children – by no means. I know these teenagers struggle with the same choices.  How?  Because I’m talking about my own teenagers.  Granted, they are technically PK’s (preacher’s kids) even though their dad has left the ministry.   But – we all know of stories of pastor’s kids who are the center of church gossip because of their wild lifestyles.   Mine never chose that path, but each has faced their own demons.  My youngest daughter, Christy,  is on a church choir tour this week and a few members were chosen to give their testimony on tour.  She told big sis (Beth) that she doesn’t really have a testimony and it’s only because she’s comparing herself to the peers with those dramatic stories.  Beth says she wishes more testimonies like Christy’s (little sis) were shared because there are just as many “normal” kids out in the audience as those dealing with the bad stuff.  They need to know they are not alone in walking out their faith.   I just don’t think Christy realizes she has a powerful testimony because in her lifetime she’s seen how God works in our family.  It may not directly affect her – but doesn’t it?   Maybe the church needs to re-focus on what makes a powerful testimony of faith and find value and worth in each person’s experience.


3 thoughts on “A Boring Testimony?

  1. I love this! Christy should be sharing her story of all the ways God has showed up for her – in living a holy life. I call this delimma the middle story. We (our culture) like the sensational, so we usually only publicize the really bad or the miraculously good.

    It is a dangerous trap. You see, I have a middle story too. Except mine is the middle story of abuse. I wasn’t abused to the point of making the extreme list, but I wasn’t without abuse either. This inability to speak about my life, and calling it what it was, kept me from telling the truth for 35 years. But recently I have sensed God saying to me: “We need the middle stories” We need to help women name the sins done against them. And in Christy’s case, we need her to tell the stories of God in his Holiness and faithfulness in her life!

    Christy don’t minimize all that God has done for you! Become a great story teller, find your voice and use it!! You are important.

  2. Well said. My testimony might be considered by others as “boring” also. However, the story isn’t the issue. The issue is that I made a personal decision; a choice back in 1972 one evening. No one could make that choice for me. It wasn’t about “my parents were Methodist” or “I’ve always known I was a Christian because my mom said so.”

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