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Randomness or Divine Appointments – Part Two

I may have written about this before, but this concept has been on my mind again.  The fact that God simply does weird stuff with me.  For some reason, He’s given me this “gift” (not sure if it’s in the 9 spiritual gifts) and the only way I know how to explain it is this.  I can go about my day, normally I think, see tons of people, and one singular face will stand out to me and it’s like my mind takes a mental picture of that person.  I can go days, months, years before that “face” factors into my life — usually for the better.  (once it wasn’t – but don’t let me get ahead of myself).  For example, I had lunch today with Christie, one of my forever friends.  I remember the first time I saw her at youth group – tons of kids around – and it seemed like the focal point fixed on her.  Not long after that, we became fast friends, and have been for -well 30 years!  We may not have opportunity to see each other like the old days – but we  have this ability to pick up where we left off.    Once in college, the time I returned as a married woman obtaining her teaching certification.  I walked into the certification office and visited with a very well spoken, wise woman who sweetly told me to try the Alternative Certification program down the hall.  This sweet lady’s face found itself inside my brain with the feeling that she’d be important too.  A few years down the road, this same woman and I began teaching at the same campus; not only that, we are sisters from another mother.  Cheesy I know – but –that’s me.  Tami has become my best friend.

Yet the most significant divine appointment occurred over 30 years ago in my high school journalism class.  Going to various companies to collect ads for the yearbook became my #1 job.  Then one day,Mrs. C(rowley) asked me to drive down to WTSU (back before they became WTAMU) to see this man named Keith Winter.  This kind man headed up Campus Services at WT and he had an ad for me.  I remember being fascinated by his turquoise eyes and fun sense of humor.  The ad featured his son, who at the time attended the school.  That image of his son, Kent, also burned itself onto my brain and did not try to resurface till a few years later in college at a Bible Study/Swim Party.  This cute guy, with memorizing blue eyes and dimples caught my attention.  He introduced himself and I knew I knew him –but couldn’t remember how or where.  He always thought I was trying on a lame pick up line –honestly that didn’t cross my mind!  Yes – this young man ended up becoming my husband, but not that night.  A whole year passed till we saw each other again – this time at a wedding – where he came with another girl.  Then we ran into each other a few days later at a concert where my best friend “arranged” for me to sit by Kent.  Then she supposedly had to go home early and asked him to give me a ride home. (that made her Maid of Honor at the wedding) All the while – I kept trying to remember why I knew him.  Well – long story short – I discovered the answer while packing for our move to Austin after we married.  A box containing copies of the school newspaper fell open and there on the top – Kent’s black and white face appeared.  I knew I hadn’t been imaging the connection!  I had documented proof.

This weird gift I have is an odd blessing and has at times prevented disaster in the classroom too.  I once had a student prone to emotional, destructive outbursts and before anyone told me through proper documentation – I had that feeling the first day of class that I needed to keep my eye on him.  The thought of playing soothing music in the room also entered my mind – like King Saul and the tormenting spirit that could only be calmed by music.  Thankfully – my class became his sanctuary and safe haven.

Bottom line – listen to that still small voice – you never know how it can change your life. I am thankful for those times I stood still.


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