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The Exodus of Another Child

It begins.  The lists, the shopping, the swinging of moods, the organizing, the tears.  Forgive me if I seem redundant, but this exodus of my oldest daughter makes its presence – well ever-present on my mind these days as the countdown begins – 3 weeks till we move her into her apartment with two roommates she hasn’t met (in person because you can be anyone on Facebook right?).  All those fundamental basics really do not scare me as much as the idea that she has No Idea what path she is to take.  I feel like I’ve thrown her out into the desert of career choices without a GPS, fire by night or that pillar thing.  I keep praying that God will show her  the way (like that fire or pillar thing!)and give her a head’s up – something more specific than planning and serving. She needs specifics. Okay – I do too.

Yet – He seems to be mute on this topic.  Yes – faith on both of our parts is required – but …but.

So what do I do?  What I’ve done for 19 years — pray, then pray again, then pray some more.  Praise God that her big brother will have her back too – like he has from moment I brought her home from the hospital. I know she is strong, just when I see a flicker of fear in her beautiful eyes, I waiver too.    Funny thing about how God chooses to answer (or remain silent) because when I do pray for her answers – all I hear is  my grace is enough.  Fine – only 3 weeks and a life time to go.


4 thoughts on “The Exodus of Another Child

  1. Praying in “specifics” always returned in “specifics.” And if in doubt what to pray for specifically, then pray God’s Word out loud in reference to the request. God’s Spirit has told me at various times, specifically, “Mel, you need to just Shut Up! Conversation is a dialogue and not a monologue. Just saying.

    Hope my saying is an encouragement to you both.

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