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The Pursuit of – Fullfillment

Fulfillment is something we all strive to find in our lives. Everything we do is focused on finding fulfillment. Relationships, learning, working, playing, eating, sleeping, and even breathing all completely revolve around the idea of fulfillment. We breathe to provide our bodies with oxygen which allows us to live. But breathing alone does not provide fulfillment. We eat and sleep to replenish our bodies of the necessary energy to function. But food and rest alone do not provide fulfillment. To relieve stress and bring enjoyment  we play. But pleasure alone does not provide fulfillment. We work to provide the means with which to eat, sleep, and play. In relationships we are closest to finding the fulfillment every human on Earth yearns for. The special bond of a parent with a child, the joy between friends, the love between husband and wife, each person has a relationship to which they cling and rely on to feel functional. Why do we build such strong ties with other humans? Why do we find such joy in the presence of those we love?

Yet, even the most complete relationship will let you down at some point. At some point even the most perfect of human bond will be shaken. If one places all hope of the future and devotes their entire life to human bonds, they will be disappointed. People are flawed. Life seems devoid of purpose when even the most fulfilling of things can at times be empty. But there is One who never disappoints. There is One who can provide the perfect relationship. There is One who will never forsake.

If we place our hope in Him, we shall shine with his light and never grow weary. If we cultivate a relationship with Him, He will preserve and restore all other relationships in our lives. Without Him,bitterness and strife are able to manifest themselves in even the most unlikely places.

We are only human after all, but through Him we can become something more. Through Him we can find complete fulfillment and realize the full potential of all other relationships in our lives. Through Him we can live life the way it was meant to be.


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