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What if?

I find it intriguing that today’s worship music has trended back to the thought that God is sovereign and we should trust Him if our life falls apart.  That God is still God and He is still faithful and He is still good.  This is basically not news to me and how I’ve tried to see my life.  My husband tends to talk in “what if’s” and that may be all fine and good for some – but my husband is also  an engineer and for every answer I try to offer – he counters with another “what if” because his brilliant, yet overtaxed, mind has already worked out a million possible outcomes.  He sometimes thinks my faith is –Pollyanna-ish – and that maybe I don’t understand.  True – I often do not understand the depth of his questions, but I don’t have to – I really don’t want to and I am not trying to sound mean or disrespectful.  I just trust God.  I’ve walked through many of the same trials – yet my eyes have seen how God still worked things together for good.   Yet – there has been one major crisis that shook our family to the core and I honestly still question the “good” that came from it.  Then I remind myself that maybe we won’t see that answer till heaven.  I have made an inner vow to not waste my life on this side of heaven trying to figure out “why” or “what if” – I have too much to enjoy or handle daily than to live in the past because I cannot change it anyway, nor do I want to live in the future of uncertainties and miss out on the blessings and lessons of today.  Does this mean I don’t plan things in advance?  Obvious things I do – but those what if’s – not so much.  Primarily – because all of our what if’s involve people and people are capricious beings with self will.   Life is too short.


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