Milestones are significant events in the life of an individual and I have been pondering those events in regards to the important “milestone” ages I’ve experienced. More specifically – those decade ages. I’ll start with my first year because doctor’s told my parents I would not live past a year. They, about 6 total, told her all kinds of silly things like: I was a tumor, an intestinal problem, a female problem, a dead baby problem -all problems that could be solved with surgery. Gee- this was 1963 and I’ve always wondered if health care was that oblivious pregnancy issue/symptoms or did they really know? Apparently then, 45 year old women did not have babies when their reproductive equipment ceased to work anymore. Anyway- here I am! Each year, decade, day is a chance to me to thank God for two things – wrong doctor prognosis and my Daddy’s unacceptance of all the prognoses. The one doctor who in fact delivered me may have been the only one who hit the nail on the head “your baby, if it lives, will not be normal”. Normal is overrated. The second big decade milestone happened on the Easter Sunday I turned 10 in the chilly baptismal waters of First Baptist Church Amarillo as Dr. Moore baptised me in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. I always thought the symbolism baptism was cool. My next big decade – at 20 -occurred when I became engaged to my best friend and began an adventure of a lifetime. That sounds cheesy but deal with it. Technically – I may have been 21, but give or take a few months, I was close to 20. Then I literally stumbled into my 30’s. Most women cry when they hit 30. if I did-it was exhaustion caused by having two small children – one a very active two year old and a new baby girl, who was colicky. Sleeping, or letting me sleep, was not part of her plan. I did like the surprise party my Louisiana family and husband threw for me. I was so sleep deprived, my husbands offer to stop at an outlet mall to “kill time” because we were 30 minutes early totally went unnoticed. Then by the time my 40s rolled around, I was too busy starting my new career as a teacher to worry about becoming “older ” ! Starting off teaching at this age has a distinct advantage in that I know most of the cunning tricks my 7th graders pull and I have that momma stare down pat. A few weeks ago, on April 8th, I hit the big 50. Am I depressed about it? Not really. My family decorated the house in black streamers and balloons and we celebrated all weekend long with all kinds of food. Like I said earlier, fifty years ago doctors told my parents I would not live past a year or not be normal. I’d love to tell them they were wrong – oh wait I second I can’t because I’ve outlived them all! There have been many more key events in my 5 decades of life –but I can talk about those another time. Yep – I am sitting here wondering what other amazing things God will do in the next 50 years. Guess I’ll ponder that while on the eliptical this afternoon.


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