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The Power of One Word

Yes and No. two simple words that are powerful and life-changing    Yet, No is sometimes the hardest to utter.  Specifically No -is difficult to say in the mouth of adults.  Teenagers and toddlers -well we hear that all the time both verbally and non verbally don’t we?  I think as we mature, we worry about offending people by saying No.  Our people pleasing mode kicks in and “we can’t say no” and just like the rest of the song implies we can get in a terrible fix. We need to put on our big girl panties and realize saying No to serving on too many committees or saying No to other things that steal your family time, energy, peace and joy.  The power of the No is a good thing.  I would state that phrase made popular by Nancy Reagan but it already popped in your head didn’t it?

In contrast, Yes a small word that too can over commit you but not if you learn how to say No first.   We don’t need to become sycophants out of fear of losing respect.  If that’s the reason for saying Yes – you’ve already lost respect.   However, in the positive side – saying  Yes opens door to some fantastic opportunities- new careers, education, friendship, love, and relationships including a relationship with Jesus and opportunity to follow him.   Yes and No can affect more than an individual.  My oldest daughter recently said “Yes” to the young man she has been dating and with one word, one ring -she transformed from the girlfriend to the fiancée.  That one word has set our whole family in motion as we help the new couple plan a wedding and marriage.  That simple word spoken will forever change the dynamics of our family.

So back to my original thought – why is it so hard for us to say “no” or even “yes”?  Fear of rejection maybe?  Our overwhelming desire to be accepted weighs in so heavily we give in despite our gut instincts?   That still small voice has been placed in us for a reason –guidance.  We need to listen and heed warnings and promptings because we are quickly entering a time where we need to be firm one way or another.  Our Yes needs to be Yes and our No needs to be NO!  I have a Yoda poster in my classroom that also reflects this attitude – Do or do not – there is no try.  Now is the time to make a firm decision – one way or another.


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