Faith · fulfillment · happiness · inspirational

The Real Time Lord

Time is a gift we receive like manna from heaven. We can’t save it because it dissipates. We can’t go backwards or forwards. All we have is now. However how we behave in the past sets our course for the future. How we behave today can rewrite a page of our story. We are the author. We have the pen. We may think we are in complete charge, but we are not. God is the Editor-in-chief and has the permission to rewrite our story, introduce new characters, plot twists and conflict. I guess He really is our Ghost writer. Thankfully , He uses our past mistakes for helping others today. He allows us to travel through time. He is the one who gives us our time on earth. He is our ultimate Time Lord. To quote my favorite fictional time lord –
“We are all stories in the end. Just make it a good one eh?” (Doctor Who).


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