A few weeks ago was son-in-law, Chris, had surgery to install components for his first cochlear implant. This week he will be fitted with the processors will provide the miracle of sound. Not just normal hearing, but sounds we cannot hear. Super bionic sound capability. Some have prayed in his past for God to supernaturally heal him. My thought is simply this. God did heal him because God gave the doctors and the brilliant inventors abilities to not only perform this miraculous surgery – but create a device to allow him to hear-clearly!  That is truly divine in every sense of the word. Do not get me wrong because this does not negate the power God because He is the giver of our gifts and talents. Gifts and talents are often associated with the arts; isn’t creating wonderful medical devices also an art?  There is much more to Chris’s story than this operation – but you need to watch his vlog for that part. I for one am in awe of how this incredible story has unfolded and I cannot wait for the next page of his journey to unfold.   The link below takes you to his vlog.


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