Christmas Through the Eyes of a Mom

Nearly twenty-years ago I heard the song Mary Did You Know for the first time and wept.  The tears were from sudden realization of the precious gift she carried as I too was pregnant with my first born, a son.  I too had those wonderings of what my baby boy would become someday.  Would he be musical like me,or brilliant like his daddy.  Would he have blue eyes or black hair?  I imagine she wondered the same thing, but with obvious exceptions.  His father was God and no one knew what He really looked like.  I just cannot imagine the thoughts racing through the poor girl’s head.  

Then the day of Jesus’ birth arrived.  I have no doubt she had an overwhelming amount of love flood her soul when she gazed upon his sweet face for the first time.  I did too the first time I held Daniel. I remember thinking this was the most incredible miracle I’ve ever witnessed.  However, my miracle is nothing compared to her story.   I can’t help wonder what went through her mind as she held him, counted his fingers and toes and kissed his brow.  I know I became lost in the newborn magic and could hold my newborn son for hours, just basking in the warmth and sweet baby scent.  While Daniel would grasp my finger with his small hand, I never imagined that it would be covered in scars one day.  I wonder if Mary did when her newborn baby grasped her hand?  I remember how cautious I was cradling Daniel’s head. I’m sure Mary took precaution in protecting her baby too.  

However, there is only so much we as mom’s can do to protect our children.  I remember the day my son had a terrible skiing accident that caused a concussion and lacerated eyelid and broken occipital bones.  As I watched him lying in the bed, bleeding and throwing up blood, I didn’t see my 19 year old son – I saw my baby boy and felt helpless.  Then I felt guilty because Mary saw her baby boy bleeding, bruised and dying.  Did she see him as a grown man sacrificing his life for her or as the sweet baby she once held in her arms?  I’m sure she wanted to take on the Roman guards and rescue her child, which is probably why Jesus directed John to take care of her.  I’m sure Jesus had seen that mama bear look in her eyes before.  

I also wonder if she was allowed to join the circles of women at the well or whatever they congregated to – talk about husbands and children.  Or did they shun her because of her “bad reputation”?  The Bible doesn’t say anything about that.  Yet I wonder what the conversations sounded like after the resurrection and ascension into heaven?  Mary could certainly trump any mom there because I am positive saying “my son is  Savior, Deliver, King of Kings” beats “my son is a Doctor, Lawyer, Common Ruler”.  

That is why I tend to look at Christmas through the eyes of a mom–no – The Mom.  She certainly has become the image of the perfect mother right?  I really wish there was more to her story, but I guess all we really need to know is one thing – she was obedient and willing to do whatever God asked of her.  I guess her story is told between the lines.  


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