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Like the Season

“Winter – like the season”.  Forever that has been our line in explaining how to spell our last name.  As cheesy as it may sound, our life has gone through all the normal and not so normal seasons.  Today, we took the first step into a new season.  Our youngest, Christy ,graduated from high school and in roughly 87 days, she will leave our home for college, a short 9 hours away.  Seasons in the Texas Panhandle can change in the blink of an eye.  In one moment, rain, snow, wind, then sun – in about a 24 hour time frame.  Christy went from precocious baby to fun loving young lady – well in the blink of an eye.  Have you ever wondered how many times the Bible says the word suddenly.  One Google search says 41 times while my Bible program gave me 56 instances.  Regardless, God on occasion operates in this time frame too and when He does, we need to hang on.    Even though we complain about the waiting aspect of God’s answering our prayers, I think some of us are more comfortable there too.  All throughout my children’s growing up, my primary prayers focused on their staying true to their faith, being Christian examples on their campuses, protection in various circumstances, finding God’s call in their life and I’ve been known to pray occasionally for their future spouse.  All those, and many more, were answered over a period of time – time that allowed for God to orchestrate events in their lives.  I also decided to do a search for the word wait and the result was about triple with verses that used the verb wait.  No surprise there.  The conclusion I have is we are to wait more because in the waiting – the suddenlies happen.

We all know that our children are always in a hurry to grow up and some parents are also in a hurry to empty out their nest so they can repurpose Jr’s bedroom. I am not that way.  The past year has been a roller coaster, a shock wave of the suddenlies. that has relocated my heart to my throat.  So – here we go  –  June 2012  oldest daughter, Beth,  meets young man named Chris at camp where they were counselors together, and in August – we move her to Bryan, TX to go to school,and  December she moves back home to attend local university, and  April of 2013 Beth and Chris become engaged.  A few weeks later in May, son Daniel graduates from A&M, and the following August 2013 he moves to Dallas to begin new life, and then Christy – the baby – begins Senior year of high school, and November -Beth and Chris get married,and my now son-in-law Chris has cochlear implant.  Are you tired yet?   Life slows for a bit – now here we are attending a plethora of Senior events for Christy including the graduation today.  I know the summer will fly by and I wish I could freeze time like Hiro Nakamura from the defunct show Heroes.  I remember in my article I wrote called “How to Say Goodbye” when my son Daniel left for the first time to A&M, I had a line that said  it won’t be long till I do the same with my daughters.  Funny how time raced by to make that reality.  Every since Christy received her acceptance letter from A&M, I’ve had those emotions race through me.

We named our youngest Christina Joy because we felt she would be a physical representation of Christ’s joy in our lives.  She has been that and more.  I am sitting here remembering the times she was a baby and how she did about anything to get a laugh – make her “snoot” face, laugh and coo – always, say “Meow” in a deep voice for every animal – just to get us to laugh.  Then putting her pantyhose on her head in church and joyfully dancing about the chair.  She has become a joy in many other ways.  Christy is the one who delights in decorating the house during Christmas – earning her the nickname – Christy Christmas.

I am proud of her accomplishments she accrued in high school and of her graduation.  But – let’s be honest, exiting high school is a no brainer.  I agree that  it is an important event in a child’s life,but it should be the first step into the rest of their life. Which means for us – having our last little Winter 9 hours away from us at Texas A&M.  She has given me little glimpses even now with the empty house as she is always out living her life in color.  After a long day at my school, quiet can be nice, but after 15 minutes – it is –hollow. It’s not the same watching shows like Castle or Once Upon A Time and having a literary analysis by myself.  I guess I could start playing video games with the husband.  Sigh.  Anyway – I do not want to hold Christy back either.  It reminds me of the poem entitled Fear where the mom states she doesn’t want “them” to turn her daughter into various things – a swallow who flies away or a queen who sits above her.  I start the school year reading this, but I may have to choose a different one or have tissues on hand.  My children have all changed after leaving our home –all for the better.  I suppose it’s time for momma to change as I enter this new season of my life because it can change faster than snow melts on a sunny Winter day.  


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