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I am a Mom.

In the past  51 years, I’ve had many of what I call titles:  Jim & Margo’s baby girl, Margo’s Bouncing Baby Tumor (another story for another time), the girl who stole heart of man from Tennessee (I gave myself that one), Mrs. Winter -7th grade English teacher, Pastor Kent’s wife or Miss Suzy.  Yet one of my favorites is “Mrs. Daniel Winter’s Mom “spoken by one of my son’s friends. For over 20 years, I’ve been a Mom and have loved the greeting of being called Daniel, Beth or Christy’s Mom.  Granted the tone of voice it was spoken gave me a clue as to what my child (usually the boy) may have done.   Nonetheless, it’s been my identity.  Maybe I invested too much in their lives or lived too much through or for my children.  No,  I do not believe I have.  I have some fantastic kiddos who didn’t just raise themselves.  However,  I feel as though my one job description will change come Fall when our last little Winter starts off on her grand adventure.  I have  no  doubt she will still need me, all three do to a degree, but I feel like I am entering a new definition of “mom”.  It’s just not –natural feeling yet.    It’s sort of like when I first married, I practiced writing Mrs. Suzy Winter over and over.  I now sometimes have to pause and think of my maiden name.  The new role I have now is that of – friend.  Or I hope that’s how my now adult children see me.  I am reminded of that cheesy book that has the line “as long as I’m living, your mommy I’ll be.”  While I am not planning on stalking them (like the mom in the book) – I’ll always be their Mom, Momma, Ma, Mother, Madre, MooMaw,  but I suppose come Fall I too will  embark on a new adventure of rediscovering  – me.


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