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My House is Finally Clean

For the first time in ages, I can honestly say I like cleaning house.  Well – maybe that’s too strong to say– like. Maybe it gives me some satisfaction.  At any rate – I know why it’s somewhat enjoyable because it stays that way now.  When I was the stay-at-home mom, my house was in a constant state of chaos.  I remember trying to tidy up during the kid’s nap time and feeling somewhat accomplished to only have Tornado Daniel, Beth and Christy demolish it in 30 seconds or less.   Maybe I should have been one of those moms who had the “one toy at a time rule”.  Nah – I thought that was futile.  Some how their chaos made sense to them and their imagination.  Why would I dare interrupt that?  I had the thought in my head that one day, after all the kids were on their own, the house would be  neat, fingerprint free, mess free (with exception of husband and his multiple computer monitors sprawled across the dining table) and –quiet.


Ironically – it’s the noise that I miss the most -the sound of laughter, conversations, even arguments, piano playing,guitar, violin, flute and euphonium and singing filling the empty spaces.  On occasions, a Halo system link with 10 or more of Daniel’s closests friends situated in every room of the house and cables snaking between computers as an epic battle raged on.  Even the girls would have sleepovers with laughter, sometimes tears, an occasional intervention from me with one of the participants who got their feelings hurt.  Okay – that part I don’t miss nor do my girls.  Then there are the smells that I miss.  When the kids were little -I missed the fresh out of the bath smell and would want to hold them for hours losing myself in the aroma of baby shampoo.  Yes – I’ve been known to open up the baby powder bottle to take a whiff.  It’s the smell of bliss to me.  As is the smell of wet, sweaty puppy dog that invariably came after my 3 amigos played outside for any given amount of time.  I’ve never understood why – maybe because my children liked playing in the dirt.  I miss the smell of the pungent cologne Daniel doused himself in before going out at night.  I miss the smell of Honey Bee cookies Beth and Christy would make or brownies or whatever treat they created.     Now the house stands silent and odor -less.  Oh  I can light one of my various candles, but it’s not quite the same.  I’ve yet run across a candle that captures what my heart longs for.

This weekend I cleaned, organized and put on fresh sheets in each of their bedrooms.  The cat has made it her job to lay upon each bed. Those rooms will stay that way now till someone comes home for a visit.  Till then – they will sit in silence as I do –waiting.   Like i said, I kind of like cleaning my house now a days; I just don’t like the reason it stays that way longer.  


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