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This Old House

Do you know how many times the Bible says “suddenly”? I looked it up one time, but one of my favorite verses contains that particular word – suddenly. Isaiah 32:19 states: See! I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. It may not literally say “suddenly” but the implication is there.

Last weekend, we moved, during one of the coldest days of the year, to a townhouse. We had been talking about it for months, but one day, my husband was ready I guess and – boom. I’m packing and getting our former home ready to sell. I keep waiting for the tears to fall. Nothing yet. Oh – I’ve been close a time or too. After all, this was the home our family found restoration and hope after tragedy wreaked havoc upon us. As my oldest daughter put it: It’s where I learned to two step with my dad; read a recipe with mom, how to play pretend with my siblings, and it’s where Chris proposed . Yes -this house had it’s issues – like the time the water tank flooded the house, combined with the toilet flooding all while Kent was out of town. That particular weekend still sticks in my mind as the most dramatic of the house issues. Well – there was the night of the “non-tornado” that launched baseball size hail into our front dining room windows and damaging our roof as well. We still remember seeing the melting hailstones on the dining room floor and the shards of glass leaving a trail all through the house.

This house also has been filled with many, many different sounds. From Halo system links (complete with miles of cord snaking through bedrooms, living room and dining room and 10 or more teenage boys on the other end of the cords), peals of laughter, sometimes tears of frustration, from the girl’s sleepovers. Then there are the sounds of the various musical instruments: baritone, flute, violin, guitar, and the ever present piano. You can’t have the last two instruments without the singing all filling me with awe. These are some of my favorite ones, but my most favorite “sounds” come from the voices of my family having good conversations or playing games around the dining table.

I remember the day Daniel drove off towards Texas A&M the first time and within the hour, my oldest daughter began moving into his old room. By the end of the week, she had painted it a different color altogether. Silly house has had its various other makeovers too. The first significant change was the carpet. It originally had white carpet. I had 3 small children when we moved in and I cringed at the sight of it knowing full well that carpet was doomed. The first week, one of the children came down with a stomach bug and threw up all over the carpet. We could never get the brown stain of chocolate milk out, so strategic furniture placement became the solution till we purchased more kid friendly carpet, then we ditched carpet entirely after the aforementioned shards of glass and went for tile and wood everywhere.

All of that is in the past. We are now trying to settling into new routines, furniture placement, and sleeping patterns. It is a new beginning, but it’s just the first step. The plan is to just stay here a year till we sell the old house and some other work commitments are completed. Who knows. Right now I am content with the wide open field behind us and wonder what other adventures lie before us?

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